Tom picks up the pace with guided running plan

Amy Bradley and Tom Briggs on the Nottingham Mo Run 10k
Amy Bradley and Tom Briggs on the Nottingham Mo Run 10k

A sight-impaired runner from Ripley training for the London Marathon has tethered himself to a sighted pal to keep him on track.

Tom Briggs, who met Alfreton Jog Club joint leader Amy Bradley through Ripley Running Club, says the arrangement has enabled him to run further outdoors in challenging conditions and deal with crowded situations.

Tom, 26, an equality development officer for Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service, will be raising cash for the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB).

Tom said: “It was kind of brilliant to run tethered to Amy. It was so helpful because it was dark when we went out and I can see very little in the dark. I’d almost got to the point of thinking I was going to have to stop running outside so I’m so grateful for the tether because running on a treadmill is so boring. Amy tells me when there are lamp posts and steps or cones and even like sometimes you run down roads where there are people’s doorsteps sticking out that I definitely wouldn’t see.”

Amy, 31, of South Normanton, said: “Tom has never had just one person to focus on and to run with before so I think he’s enjoying the experience.”

The pair plan to run the Retford Half Marathon in March as practice for the big event on April 13. Tom added: “Getting into running has been an incredible journey for me. My main tip would be don’t let anything be a barrier to you achieving your goals. There’s always a way to overcome things. “

Donate at or textRNIB90 to 70070.