Thunder is special dog

nrhn 070711 rescue me, Thunder
nrhn 070711 rescue me, Thunder

AN AFFECTIONATE German-Belgian shepherd is the subject of this week’s Rescue Me.

Thunder, who is still a youngster at three-years-old, knows all the basic commands and will give his paw for a treat.

Staff at the RSPCA Centre on Abbey Street, Derby, say he may be very excitable but he is also one of the most affectionate dogs in the centre at the moment. He is quick to form a bond with people and adores the staff. Communities manager at the centre, Karen Carter, said: “As he is such a young big fellow he will need lots of exercise and plenty of open spaces nearby to burn off energy. “Thunder will jump up and bark at you when he is in his kennel but please don’t be fooled as he is such a lovely boy.”

The three-year-old does not like cats.

To arrange to see Thunder contact the centre on 01332 344620.