Three jailed for attack on woman

A Heanor man has been jailed for breaking into a flat and beating a woman over the head with a metal kitchen implement.

Thursday, 22nd January 2015, 10:18 am

Alan Chapman, 28, of Park View, Heanor, joined Christopher Dennis, 46, of Graham Street, Ilkeston, and Gary Morton, 40, of John Street, Ilkeston, in storming the flat on September 13 last year. The three, who subsequently pleaded guilty to affray and between them have racked up more than 60 court appearances, were given prison sentences after forcing their way into the property and attacking the woman.

The victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had made an allegation of rape against Gary Morton, which was later found to be false.

Speaking in Derby Crown Court on Friday, Justin Wigoder, prosecuting, said that the defendants arrived at a block of flats where the woman was and stood outside shouting for her to open the door.

He continued: “They managed to get in, went upstairs to the flat, the front door was kicked in and three or four males then ran into the flat.

“[The victim} ran into the kitchen, followed by Chapman. He picked up a metal ladle and he began to hit her over the head. Morton also went into the kitchen, went towards her, she then picked up a knife, he backed off from her, but Mr Chapman continued to strike her around the head.”

Mr Widoger said that Dennis had been stood in the front room while this was going on and when the police called on the telephone, told the others they needed to leave.

He added: “Chapman then left where he was, went over to where a friend of [the victim’s] was sitting, punched him in the face, picked up a cabinet and dropped it on his back.”

Laura Pitman, defending Gary Morton, said the victim in this case was someone who was well known to the courts.

“She’s a drug addict,” she said. Miss Pitman also said she had stolen money from Morton’s home in order to pay for drugs and he had gone round to the flat to try and get the money back.

“He used no violence. What happened in that address is she armed herself with a knife and in effect she attacked him,” she said.

Miss Pitman said the woman had lunged at Morton with the knife and had left him with two cuts on his hand.

Martin Hurst, defending Chapman and Dennis, said Dennis had played a comparatively modest part in the affray. Mr Hurst said his clients had pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing.

Chapman had also pleaded guilty to a separate charge of breaching a restraining order against his former partner.

He was given two months in prison for breach of the restraining order and six months in prison for affray, to run consecutively.

Dennis and Morton were given four months each in prison. All three mustpay an £80 surcharge.

Pictured (from top) Alan Chapman, Christopher Dennis and Gary Morton