Thief stole £2,000 worth of rings from Heanor jewellers

Cresta Gems Heanor, John Phillis
Cresta Gems Heanor, John Phillis

Jewellery shop staff are shaken but refuse to be ground down by the thieves who stole a tray of rings worth £2,000.

Cresta gems, on Ray Street, Heanor, was targeted yesterday, Monday, August 15 and one man got away with eight gold and silver men’s signet rings.

Manager of the shop John Phillis said: “Me and the jewellery assistant were working when it happened we are still a bit shaken up but we have opened up today other wise the people who stole from us win twice and that’s not the way to do it.

“We won’t be beaten.”

John said that a man and a woman entered the shop just after 10am yesterday.

“They came in together but separated which I think was a distraction.

“Then the man asked to see the rings and when I took the tray out from the cabinet he snatched them from me and him and the woman rushed to the door.”
The door is locked from the inside and can only be released by a staff member, however the door was opened by another man on the outside.

John said: “I don’t know if that man was working with them or was just trying to be helpful but it meant they got away.

“I gave chase but the man was a lot younger than me and made off towards Mundy Strret.

“There was nothing particularly special about the rings so it will be hard to trace them and I think the man knew what he was doing when he asked to see the rings.”

John has worked as a manager at the store for 16 years and said this is not the first time the store has been robbed.

He said: “When he walked in you have your suspicions but you can’t go around assuming people are thieves you have to treat everyone as a customer and the moment you realise is the moment it’s too late.”
“It is very frustrating going to work trying to make a living to have someone come in and think they can just take it away from you.”

A spokesman for Derbyshire police said: “The man was described as in his early 20s, white, of a thin build 5’9’’ and wearing a light top with Detroit on it and dark shorts.

“We have spoke to the manager and waiting for CCTV footage.”

Anyone who knows anything is asked to ring 101 quoting 194 of August 15.