Thief’s struggle with cop at Alfreton off-licence

A MAN struggled with police after staff at an Alfreton shop caught him stealing booze, a court heard.

Craig Amos hid behind a pillar in B&M Bargains and placed two bottles of vodka inside his rucksack.

“He left without paying and was challenged outside the store.He became aggressive and police were called,” prosecutor Angela Hadfield told Chesterfield magistrates. As he was being arrested he bent back PC David Burden’s right hand and caused a small cut.

Amos, 21, of Somercotes Hill, Somercotes, admitted charges of theft and resisting arrest on June 11.

His solicitor Steve Brint said it was his first court appearance and he had been influenced by others. He had stayed off alcohol since the offence. He was fined £115, with £85 costs.