The Missionaries could be set for summer 2013

Producer Alex croft is working on a new ITV series.
Producer Alex croft is working on a new ITV series.

A music producer from Heanor says he is on the brink of launching an ambitious new TV show aimed at helping poor countries.

Chilean born Alex Croft, who runs Maddie Records from his home in Balmoral Close, has been given a provisional green light by ITV bosses a for a 12-part series called The Missionaries.

The show - still in early development - is set to feature a crack four-man team jet setting around the world making social change in the most deprived countries, like building hospitals, maternity units, schools and more.

Former scout for music company BMG Alex began devising the show nine months ago - shortly after he had helped his brother Gonzalo, a UN officer serving in Haiti, to organise a charity football tournament in the civil war-torn country.

He told the News this week: “After that I just wanted to do something again, but bigger.

“This is something I just really wanted to do - these people have nothing to eat, no water and they never complain about it.”

Alex, a 38-year-old dad of two, has several bands on his company’s books and works with Elton John’s producer Stuart Epps. Last year he helped a teenager fulfil his dream of recording the song Lady in Red with Chris De Burgh for the show Noel’s Christmas Presents.

But music has taken a back seat for the past nine months as Alex worked with organisations such as Unicef and the EU parliament to devise his latest project. Unicef has given its backing to the show.

“It took a long time to get everything in place,” he said. “All we needed was a TV station to say that they are going to run it - which hopefully we have now.”