The day Fred opened shop


Re your Memory Lane picture with Fred Dibnah.

The photograph was taken in Riddings at South Street Trading we think was the name of the shop.

The shop was on the corner of George Street and South Street.

It was a model shop and Fred Dibnah opened it. I would have thought it was in the 1980s or early 1990s.

The shop is not there now. It closed two to three years ago and is something else now.

I come from Riddings and my mum lives in Newlands Road. I used to live in High Street, Riddings.

The shop was run by Richard Everson and I used to work nearby.

It was big thing when Fred Dibnah came and ‘Cricketing Andrew’, who everybody in Riddings knows, got me his autograph.

They used to sell fantastic models at the shop. They were not every day ones.

J Scott