Tell us who your unsung heroes are

Ripley and Heanor news. New years honours 2013. John tamp.
Ripley and Heanor news. New years honours 2013. John tamp.

Make sure you tell us who you think should be in the running for a Ripley & Heanor News New Year Honours award.

We want you to tell us who Ripley and Heanor’s unsung heroes are.

Don’t leave it to someone else to get in touch with us or your local hero could miss out.

It’s easy to contact us too – no long forms to fill in – all you need to do is give us a call on 0115 9 446160 or 446186. You can also email your nominations to us at or write to us at Ripley & Heanor News, 8 Heanor Road, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, DE7 8ER, if you prefer. Or leave us details on our website at

You can also use Facebook to message us or Twitter: andHeanorNews or @rhnews.

This is the third year we have staged our Honours as we seek to recognise the area’s champions who go that extra mile.

Each year we ask you to nominate who you think is an unsung hero.

It could be someone you think goes above and beyond for a club or group, or they may be a good neighbour who helps out an elderly resident.

Editor Julie Crouch said:

“When we first launched our awards we did so because we knew there were some real community ‘super heroes’ out there who day in, day out helped others and their towns without asking for any sort of thank you.

“We felt these local heroes deserved some recognition for all they do to make other people’s lives better.

“Presenting the awards in previous years has been a truly humbling experience as there simply are some great people out there who think nothing of putting themselves out to help others.

“We have had people who have gone that extra mile to help the elderly, those that run community groups and others who are involved in groups for youngsters like Scouting.

“It has been our pleasure and a privilege to meet our winners so far.

“So make sure you tell us who they are this time around.”

What you need to tell in your nominations:

n Your candidate’s full name, full address and contact phone numbers.

n Why you think they deserve an award - as much detail as you can give us about them is helpful.

n Who you are and your contact phone numbers and address.

n You can email, call 0115 9 446 160, Tweet us at: @rhnews or use facebook.