Tell us where the area’s worst potholes are

Pothole smisery
Pothole smisery

A pothole problem is plaguing Derbyshire’s roads and causing chaos for motorists.

Wild winter weather has resulted in thousands of the dangerous holes emerging on routes including the the Ripley and Heanor area.

Derbyshire County Council says it had received 3,881 complaints about potholes between October and December last year.

Problem area include a collection of potholes near the crossroads in Smalley, near the Rose and Crown pub.

But we know there must be many more. If you spot a bad pothole let us know and we’ll inform other readers so they can avoid clattering over them and perhaps stop potential damage to their cars.

A Derbyshire County Council spokesman said: “In October to December 2013, 3,881 potholes were reported compared with 4,088 in the same months in 2012.

“These figures include potholes reported to us by the public and reported by our highways inspectors.

“All the reported potholes have been repaired.

“We inspect all roads regularly – how often they are inspected depends on whether they are a main road, through road or a residential access road.

“Potholes are more likely in the winter because of the weather conditions.

“If anyone knows of a pothole that hasn’t been mended, visit”

If you know of a monster pothole that’s to be avoided at all costs email us at and tell which road it’s on and whereabouts. You can also message us on Facebook: