Teen’s on education mission

Orianne Brown stands at the Western Wall in Israel as part of her trip to the country.
Orianne Brown stands at the Western Wall in Israel as part of her trip to the country.

A committed Marehay teen wants to spread the lessons she learned about the Holocaust in Israel back at home through an educational event.

Former Mill Hill School pupil Orianne Brown, 18, has recently returned from Jerusalem to visit the Yad Vashem memorial as part of a special trip organised by the Holocaust Educational Trust.

Orianne, who is an ambassador for the charity, was the only person from Derbyshire to be invited on the nine-day excursion which saw her learn about the atrocities committed in Nazi German towards the Jewish people in World War Two.

Now she wants to gather interest from local community groups in putting on an educational seminar on the subject in September - with the possibility of a Holocaust survivor coming to the area to give a talk.

Orianne said: “It’s not so much the history, but the individual stories that are important to listen to. I’ve had the privilege of hearing several Holocaust survivors and it’s so important we learn about it.

“Once you have heard them, you do feel a certain duty to pass them on.”

Orianne added: “If I can get enough interest in the event, the Holocaust Education Trust will help organise it.”

Yad Vashemם is Israel’s official memorial to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust, established in 1953.

The centre seeks to preserve the memory and names of six million Jews murdered during World War Two.

It hosts ceremonies of remembrance and commemoration throughout the year as well as supporting numerous Holocaust research projects.

Yad Vashem also honors non-Jews who risked their lives to save people during the atrocities.

Orianne, of Dovedale Close, Marehay, says her interest in the subject was really sparked when she went on a trip to Auschwitz concentration camp with her school in 2012.

If you run a community group and would be interested in hearing a talk from a Holocaust survivor, contact Orianne on ripleyremembers@hotmail.co.uk.