Teen ‘inches away’ from brick attack

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Vandals who threw a brick through the window of a Heanor home narrowly missed a disabled teenager, her furious father said.

Maryna, 18, was asleep at her Heanor home when a brick came flying through the window

Stepfather Steven Shaw said he awoke to the sound of smashing glass in the early hours of Thursday, November 28, at their Ashforth Avenue home and rushed into Maryna’s room to find the brick on the floor.

Steven, 49, said: “The brick had landed on the floor only inches away from Maryna. It had ripped a whole in the carpet and caused a mess.

“The windows are double glazed but one was thrown with such force that it flew through the window, narrowly missing her head and smashed to bits on the floor.

“Another few inches and she could have suffered serious injuries.”

Steven said Maryna, wife Iryna and two small children Roman, three, and Tia, four, stayed in their bedroom’s as he ran downstairs to try and chase the offenders, who are believed to have sped away in a Vauxhall Corsa.

But when Steven got to his car he realised that his tyres had been slashed.

He added: “My children wouldn’t sleep in their own beds after the incident because they were terrified it might happen again.

“They don’t really understand exactly what happened but Maryna – who suffers from severe learning difficulties – questioned why anyone would do such a thing .

“We shouldn’t have to fear for our safety in our family home.”

Steven reported the incident and said a police car was sent 45 minutes after he called 999.

In the days following the attack he said he heard very little from the police. He said he was extremely disappointed by this.

He said: “I understand it can be difficult to catch these vandals but I am not very impressed by how it has been handled. The safety of my family was compromised and I don’t feel that enough has been done.”

The retired police officer has since installed CCTV and gates around his house.

A Derbyshire police spokesman said: “We are sorry that the victim in this case feels unsatisfied with the service they have received.

“As part of their investigation, officers carried out house-to-house visits in the neighbourhood and looked for private CCTV in the area around the victim’s property.

“They have also carried out further inquiries into the crime to try and identify the offenders.

“At this stage, we have not been able to identify the people responsible. However, if further information comes to light, we will investigate it thoroughly. We would also urge anyone who may have information on this offence to get in touch with police by calling 101.”