Teacher is banned after ‘pupil insulted’

NEAABE111019d2, Aldercar community language college.
NEAABE111019d2, Aldercar community language college.

A mother has told of her anger after her son, who has behavioural difficulties, was allegedly called an offensive name by a supply teacher.

Ryan Crossley-Barnes, 12, who suffers from severe attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and is slightly autistic, was allegedly called the name during a lesson at Aldercar Community Language College, Daltons Close, Langley Mill, on January 28.

The school immediately banned the supply teacher from ever working there again and contacted Derbyshire County Council to call for the teacher to be banned from teaching in Derbyshire schools.

Ryan’s mum Rachael Crossley-Barnes said: “I am the first to admit Ryan is not the easiest of children to teach. Routine and structure are paramount so when there’s a deviation he can get upset.

“Ryan was sent out of the class, I don’t know why, and made to stand outside.

“When he came back in his friend was gobsmacked and told him what the teacher had called him.

“Ryan turned round and asked her what she called him and she repeated the word in front of the whole class.

“This was heard by another teacher, who took Ryan out of class and made a report about what happened.”

When Mrs Crossley-Barnes rang the school, deputy head Karen Gilbert told her that the teacher will not teach at Aldercar again.

Dissatisfied, Mrs Crossley-Barnes contacted The Education Network agency, based in Nottingham, that supplied the teacher, who told her that the agency was not taking any further action.

She says she was told that Aldercar could have requested further action, but did not.

She says that she was also invited into the agency’s office to discuss the allegation.

The News has contacted The Education Network to ask what action, if any, it will take over the allegation, but it declined to comment.

Mrs Crossley-Barnes said: “I am very disappointed - it’s too easy to push a problem out of the way.

“The school should have taken further action to set an example to their pupils about behaviour.

“I am thankful they told the teacher not to go back, but I feel they have brushed it under the carpet.

“If Ryan had used that language he would have been permanently excluded and rightly so.”

However school deputy head Karen Gilbert said: “We take matters like this extremely seriously and as soon as we were made aware of the allegation we took swift and appropriate action.

“The teacher is employed by the agency and we made them aware of the allegation straight away.

“We also contacted the agency a second time to raise our concerns.

“It is now down to the agency to act in line with their procedures with regard to any disciplinary measures.”

Mrs Crossley-Barnes said she chose to send Ryan to Aldercar because it has better facilities and can accommodate children with ADHD.