Tasty treats are served up by Derbyshire blogger

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Want to know where has the tastiest food or friendliest staff? Restaurant reviewer Angie Curran-Bilbie has all the answers to where serves the borough’s best grub.

Somercotes writer Angie, with help from husband Paul, 48, has combined her passion for food and writing to set up The Stick Beak Blog – an online account of her experiences at local eateries.

Angie, 43, said: “I am a local Derbyshire bird who, along with family and friends, likes to spread her wings and get her beak sticky sampling food, wine and beer in local restaurants and venues – hopefully having good times and discovering hidden treasures in our glorious neighbourhood along the way.

“I’m not particularly snobby about fancy food or surroundings, I just like a place to be clean, friendly, have atmosphere and be able to do a decent job of cooking the food that is their trade.”

The reviews were created as a feature for another website run by Paul.

“But after a year it was becoming so popular the couple were getting requests to cover more restaurants. “

Angie now covers six to seven a month.

She said: “I would like people to read my opinions and broaden their horizons to go and eat in somewhere different to their usual haunt.

“If we don’t go and support our local businesses then our village or town may well lose a total gem, which would make life a lot duller.

“The aim of the reviews is not to slate people and nit-pick, so if I encounter something not quite right I won’t bang on about it – because it might not be quite to my taste – unless it’s something like waiting for an hour for food, which I think is fair enough as most people wouldn’t be happy with that.

“We live in a magnificent culinary county, and have only just begun our adventure of travelling to sample the delights on offer.”

Paul agreed, saying: “We have lots more to do in 2016, and new features to add to the blog.”