Swanwick youngsters check out cop chopper

A group of young people from Swanwick Hall School paid a special visit to take a closer look at the police helicopter and dog unit.

The Year ten students watched police dog demonstrations, looked at equipment that dog handlers use and ask questions about the work of police dogs and handlers.

They then had the chance to look around the force helicopter, find out more about how it operates and chat to members of the crew.

The visit was arranged to help the young people get a better understanding of the more specialised roles within the police service.

Youth involvement officer PC Tony Bagshaw, said: “We regularly visit local schools to talk to pupils, but we set up this visit to help the group find out more about some of the specialised roles within the police, with the aim of not only breaking down barriers, but possibly inspiring some careers for the future.

“Unfortunately the helicopter crew were not called to any incidents during the visit, which meant the group got a full tour. They also watched a demonstration of how a police dog works with its handler and also got to meet a few of the search dogs.”