Swanwick is well dressed!

Swanwick well dressing, Cliff and Linda James
Swanwick well dressing, Cliff and Linda James

SWANWICK was suffused with colour at this year’s well dressing festival.

Biblical images dominated the main well creation, which was decorated by members of the the village’s churches.

Organiser Lynne Barnett explained: “It’s 400 years since the King James Bible was translated into English, so we thought we would use images from the old and new Testaments.

“This is our sixth year – so were still quite new. We’re not experts by any stretch!”

A team of 12, drawn from Methodist, Baptist and Church of England congregations in the area worked on the design drawn by Janice Barrett.

Clay from the Potteries of Stoke-on-Trent was spread across wooden boards and the outline was picked out with peppercorns and coffee beans.

Natural materials, including petals, leaves and egg shells, painstakingly brought the patterns to life.

Three other wells were dressed by the Scouts, Swanwick Hall School and the Women’s Institute.