Surprise party for lifesaver Robbie

Ripley man Robbie Simpson was given the surprise of his life when he won a surprise party in celebration of his heroic efforts to save the life of a stranger.

Robbie was awarded with a trophy and a surprise party which came courtesy of pork pie manufacturer Pork Farms, giving recognition to everyday heroes in the community.

He was nominated by Liz Gallagher for his quick thinking after she collapsed at the wheel of her car.

Liz said: “I had collapsed unconscious in the passenger seat of car and my dad was told by 999 to get me out of car and start CPR but he couldn’t manage on his own.

“Robbie was passing and rushed to help after hearing my dad shout for help and dragged me out.

“He didn’t hang around for thanks so I had to hunt on Facebook for my good samaritan.”

Robbie said: “I couldn’t quite believe it - I thought I was going for a meal with my girlfriend but as we got to the end of the road I realised we were not heading for the pub.

“Then I saw Liz as we came round the corner - I knew then she was up to something. It’s such a brilliant surprise.”

To see Robbie’s pop up party, watch his video by visiting