Surgery spurs Sport Relief bid for Claudia

A determined Nether Heage woman is aiming to overcome her debilitating spine condition to run a mile for Sports Relief.

Claudia Wilson, aged 42, underwent major surgery last year to try to slow down the deterioration of her spinal cord which was equivalent to that of an 80-year-old.

She had a 50/50 chance of the operation being a success - the alternative being life in a wheelchair. Now on the road to recovery she is still experiencing regular pain but is adamant her difficulties will not stop her from completing her sporting challenge on Sunday, March 23.

The mum-of-two, from Malthouse Lane, said: “Since the operation my pain and need for rest has stopped me continuing with a lot of the things I tried to do before. This is what has spurred me on to do my mile for Sports Relief. I wanted to challenge myself to do something which I had never thought possible whilst also raising money for a great cause.

“When I was at school I was always the child taking scores on the sidelines or having to read a book whilst everyone else did PE and one of the things Sports Relief does is raise money to help and encourage disabled children to participate and be including in Sport.

“There was nothing like this when I was young and I think it is fantastic thatchildren with disabilities now get the opportunity to be included rather than excluded from doing things with their friends.”

Since 2002, Sport Relief has raised over £195million. The money raised by the public is spent by Comic Relief to help people living incredibly tough lives, both at home in the UK and across the world.

Claudia, who was born with SpinaBifida, underwent surgery in June last year.

Talking about the operation she said: “Unfortunately it was a lot more complicated and in depth than the surgical team had previously thought it would be which meant I was in theatre for quite a long time. I then remained in hospital for two weeks. During this time I had another complication when my spinal fluid started to drain too quickly from the wound which meant it was also draining from around my brain.

“I had to spend a few days with my bed tipped up until the headaches and pain subsided and the fluid stopped draining.

“Fortunately I have no recollection of these days but all my close friends and family have told me it was an awful time and how worried they were.”

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