Super fast internet is now set to arrive in our towns

Super-FAST broadband will be available in Ripley and Alfreton by spring, 2012.

Around 15,000 homes in the two towns will see download speeds rise from ten to 40 megabytes per second as part of a £2.5 billion BT scheme.

A total of 41 towns nationwide will receive the upgrade to broadband using fibre to street cabinets (FTTC) next year after being selected on the grounds of public demand and whether the technology was feasible in those areas.

Amber Valley Tory MP Nigel Mills, said: “It is great news for households but it is a key upgrade for businesses.

“It is vital for regeneration and for attracting businesses into the area. It is great for Ripley and Alfreton and there are plans to bring it into Heanor as well.

“Everyone who campaigned to get this done can be congratulated for their efforts. It means the towns in my constituency are protected for the future.”

Phone company BT has said that not all of the homes in Ripley and Alfreton will receive the upgrade as soon as it comes into effect because the laying of fibre cables needed to be concentrated in the most built-up areas.

BT’s regional director for the East Midlands, Andrew Bacon, said: “People in Alfreton and Ripley will soon be able to experience the internet as they have never seen before.”