Sunshine heats up paddle pool anger

A Ripley paddling pool is set to remain closed for repairs until the middle of July, sparking anger among local families hoping to cool off in the sun.

Pool owner Amber Valley Borough Council has refused to put up temporary fencing around the empty pool so people can still use the next door picnic area during the six-week wait for contractors.

Outraged, members of the park association (CPCA ) told the News corrosion to the pool’s paintwork was spotted as far back as January and has been a regular problem over the the last few years.

CPCA chairman Bruce Swanwick said: “There are a lot of people up in arms about it - young mothers who bring their children.

“People have offered to have a whip round to pay for the temporary fencing. I don’t think the council realise how important it is. We have an average of 300 people on the park on a summer’s day.

“They told me they can’t get any contractors to come until July.

We asked the council to open the picnic area and close off the pool and were told it was too expensive and too dangerous.”

CPCA member Hilary Osborne, of Victoria Road, said: “The park is there for the public and the council should have thought about this before now. We don’t want to be using this at Christmas when the paint is dry. I sometimes wonder what they think about - they definitely don’t have small children and use the park.”

An AVBC spokesman said it had not been possible to schedule the works earlier, due to the late periods of heavy snowfall in April. The works are ‘far more extensive’ because of the recent harsh winter and the pool walls must be relined, cured and painted before they can opened to the public. He said: “There are no plans to cordon off the paddling pool from the picnic area, as there are extensive areas of grass, and numerous seats throughout the park.”