Students’ Rag Week raises £250

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Ripley students raised more than £250 for Derbyshire Children’s Hospital during Rag Week.

Sixth formers at The Ripley Academy organised a host of fundraising activities during the week including cake sales, throwing wet sponges at teachers and a slave auction which saw teachers making a donation in return for a student’s help in the classroom.

Although the overall total raised stands at just over £250 at the moment, money is still due to come in as there are plans for a zombie apocalypse, an event which sees students dressed as zombies trying to catch each other.

Student Cormac Smith, 17, was one of the organisers of Rag Week.

He said: “We asked everyone to put forward a suggestion as to which charity we should support and then we put it to a vote and the children’s hospital came out on top. I think we just wanted to raise money for a really good local cause.

“We are pleased with the amount raised so far but we are hoping to top the £400 mark in the end. The zombie apocalypse is always really popular and when it’s been held in the past it’s made a decent amount of money.”

Cormac said throwing wet sponges at teachers was popular with students as was the slave auction.

He said: “Students offered to donate five hours of their time in return for a donation and I know one teacher paid £20. We were generally helping out in class and doing jobs for them.

“The cake sales also went really well, there were four in total and I think they raised more than £30 each.”

Steve Richardson, director of learning for Years 12 and 13 at The Ripley Academy, said the sixth formers had put a lot of effort into Rag Week.

He said: “It was well organised with some good events and everyone enjoyed themselves whilst raising money for a great local cause.

“The sixth formers and all those who took part should feel very proud and we would like to thank everyone for getting involved and donating.”

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