Students explore town’s hidden caves

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Pupils from Aldercar Community Language College in Derbyshire took a tour of the historic City of Caves in Nottingham.

Pupils from the school in Langley Mill learned all about the geography of settlement.

For many it was the first time they had visited the sandstone caves.

Pupils explored the caves and heard how dwellers would have lived and worked in them.

This included finding out about the different reasons people created the caves for example, as a tannery or a World War Two air-raid shelter.

Students were able to experience the realistic noises, lighting and sounds of the caves through history.

Back in the classroom, pupils studied the geology of the caves and the rock cycle.

Geography teacher Mark Briggs, said of the trip: “The students got a lot out of the day as we took our high achievers from year seven and eight.

“The well-structured tours and exercises they completed really stretched their understanding and knowledge of rock formation and how the caves came about.

“Not only did it stretch the students academically it was a good exercise for students to build relationships and boost their social skills, a perfect educational outing!”

The education session was delivered by The National Centre for Citizenship and the Law (NCCL), which also deliver interactive learning workshops at the Galleries of Justice museum in Nottingham, as well as law courts in Manchester and London.

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Pupils from year’s seven and eight took a tour around the caves

The students listened carefully to the history of the caves

The sandstone caves in Nottingham