Strongman fights off rival’s ‘new’ record

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Ilkeston strongman John evans has hit out at a rival claiming to have broken one of his many head balancing records.

John, 65, accused Shaun Jones, aka Mr Remarkable, of flouting the rules and said he should try balancing items like washing machines, hundreds of bricks or even TV presenters.

The war of words began after Shaun declared himself the world’s best head-balancer by lifting 70 kilos on a bar for 29 minutes in an hour, -six minutes longer than John.

But his effort was rejected by the Record Holders’ Republic after protests from John who set the record with a washing machine.

Twenty-stone John, of Awsworth Road, said:”The washer is much more difficult because the centre of gravity is directly above you. That’s what I did.

“I wrote the rules 20 years ago and he knows them. I am still the best.”

Shaun, 52, responded:”John is a lovely bloke and is just upset I have taken his record.

“I am now the best head-balancer in the world but he is free to challenge me.”

Decorator Shaun, who performed the feat last Friday, already holds records for blowing into hot water bottles until they burst.

The Record Holders’ Republic said: “The record was disqualified by our official who was in attendance because it was not performed according to the rules.”