Stereo picture mystery solved


The couple pictured in the Memory Lane feature ‘Stereo Presented’ (Ripley & Heanor News, February 16) are my eldest brother and his wife. Harold Richardson joined Butterley Brick sales team in July, 1968, retiring in September, 1985, after 17 years service.

The stereo in question is now held by their son, Hedley, a retired CofE vicar, living in Swaffham, Norfolk, but unfortunately it no longer plays. Both Harold and Mary were Lay Preachers at Crosshill Church in the 1980s. Harold served in the RAF during the war, while Mary (nee Carlington) still a teenager, was a ARP warden who sounded the air raid sirens in Heanor and helped run the family shop at the top of Derby Road, Heanor.

They married in January 1945, and had 55 years of married life until Harold’s death in November 2000, aged 80. Mary died in March 2009, aged 83, and both are buried in Smalley Church Cemetery.

Jim Richardson

Purchase Avenue, Heanor