Staff will all keep their jobs says supermarket giant

ASDA bosses have given assurances to staff at Langley Mill’s Netto store that they will keep their jobs if the chain is bought out.

The supermarket giant has announced it was a step closer to purchasing the Netto chain of stores.

Plans are to turn the existing smaller Netto shops, such as the one at Station Road in Langley Mill, which is close to the new Asda, into larger ones containing five times the amount of products and double the amount of ‘fresh food’, bosses said.

This week a spokesperson for Asda confirmed the current 35 Netto staff would keep their jobs if the move goes ahead. Asda in Langley Mill had intended to hold a recruitment drive this year, but that has been shelved for the time being while the Netto deal is sorted.

Judith McKenna, Asda chief financial officer, who led the deal said: “The good news for shoppers in this part of the world is that there’ll be no premium to shop in one of our smaller stores. We’ll charge the same low prices you’ll find in any of our stores.”

If the move goes ahead there will be two Asda stores within a square mile in Langley Mill. The new £25 million Asda opened in November.

Currently the purchase is awaiting approval from the Office of Fair Trading, which has to agree such deals. It is expected the stores will make the switch over by summer.