St John Ambulance challenges Derbyshire residents to unleash their inner superhero

St John Ambulance skydive
St John Ambulance skydive

St John Ambulance is challenging people across Derbyshire to unleash their inner superhero with a fundraising drive with a difference.

The nation’s leading first aid charity is launching two fantastic new fundraising events – the Superhero Skydive and the September Superhero Stroll.

By signing up for St John Ambulance’s Superhero Skydive this June, you will get to experience the exhilaration of having the wind in your hair and the view of the earth below you, while back on the ground, the money you raise will help the charity raise much-needed funds to continue its mission of saving lives.

The charity has partnered with Skyline Promotions in a national initiative to raise funds while providing an exhilarating day which many people only dream of. Training and the jump are completed in one day and those who sign up will make the jump in tandem harnessed to an experienced parachute jumper. Participants will sky dive from 10,000 feet, free-falling for up to 5,000 feet and reach speeds of up to 120mph. This is the only way that you can parachute from such an altitude without spending thousands of pounds on free-fall training. And people have the option to come dressed in their favourite superhero costume too!

Anyone who is aged 16 or over (with parental consent) can take part. By paying an initial non-refundable registration fee of £70 and raising a minimum of £395 for St John Ambulance you jump for free. Alternatively you can pay an initial registration fee of £70 and pay for £200 jump costs then simply fundraise as much as you can. By registering, you will be able to select the nearest participating airfield to your home from a list of 20 locations, all approved by the British Parachute Association. In the East Midlands region there are airfields involved in the scheme in Nottingham, Brackley and Brigg. Age and weight restrictions apply.

Sarah Gerrard, Regional Fundraising Co-ordinator, said: ‘Anyone who has ever dreamed of flying like a superhero, and experiencing the thrill of the wind in their hair and the view from above should sign up! If you’ve always felt there was something more to life than your normal routine, you want to celebrate a milestone in a unique way, or if you’re just the type of person who loves a challenge, then our Superhero Skydive is just the thing. You’ll have an unforgettable experience, and people in your community – and communities across the country - will benefit as a result.’

If skydiving’s a leap too far, you can still help save lives by signing up for the September Superhero Stroll – just gather your friends, colleagues or classmates and plan out a sponsored walk wearing your favourite superhero costume in aid of St John Ambulance.

To register for the St John Ambulance Superhero Skydive, or the September Superhero Stroll, visit or call Sarah Gerrard on 01246 200272.