Spoke in wheel of Missile’s bike dream

A spoke was put in the wheel of a big-hearted bicyclist from Langley Mill when his bike was stolen halfway through a charity ride to London.

David Kolebuk, the self-styled ‘Langley Mill Missile’, set off from his Argyle Street home on Friday and travelled 191 miles before tragedy struck at 5pm when he stopped for a rest.

Now he plans to ride from coast to coast in the summer to make up the fundraising difference.

He said: “Upon refuelling for 22 minutes in a small cafe in Ealing my beloved bike was stolen! I was gutted!”

His plan had been to ride to London, hand over a symbolic ‘baton’ of amber and amethyst to his sister-in-law, Angela O’Brian, before she ran the London Marathon, and then ride back - raising money for the CLIC Sargent charity.

However, David was not to be denied and he rode triumphantly into St Paul’s on Saturday afternoon to meet his family on a “Boris Bike” - one of the publicly-shared bicycles that were the brain-child by former Mayor Ken Livingstone! Batons were then exchanged and Angela completed the marathon in 4.29 hours - a personal best.

David, 45, said: “It has ripped the heart and soul out of me. To keep up my end of the bargain I will now ride coast to coast in June!”