Sophie’s debut novel tells of evil angel


A student from Nether Heage is celebrating after a gothic science-fiction book she wrote has been published.

Twenty-year-old Sophie Sparham’s debut book, ‘Snow in Hell’, tells the tale of an angel who becomes corrupt and uses her powers to wipe the brains of human beings believed to be ‘evil’.

Sophie, a final year media and communication student at Birmingham City University, said: “The main theme of the book is about the right to have choice in life, which I think is an extremely important element of being human.

“As far back as I can remember I’ve always wanted to write and have been obsessed with stories.

“Snow in Hell is part of a series of books I’m writing and the idea for the series came to me after having a strange dream.”

Hoping to pursue a career in radio and music journalism, Sophie describes the writing process as being rewarding but also challenging at times. “The writing process was hard, especially juxtaposed with everyday life. You become so deeply entwined in a story, it’s like you’re leading another life.

“It was both a sad and happy time when I finished the last chapter of the book. It was like I was letting go of some of my closest friends. I know it sounds strange, but you really do grow with your characters. I’m just happy they’re out of my head and into the real world now.”

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