‘Slow down on our lane,’ say concerned residents

NRHNBE111122b1, Campaigning to get speed humps on Bridle lane, Ripley. Kenneth and Diane Wood, Lee Colledge and Lisa Roulston.
NRHNBE111122b1, Campaigning to get speed humps on Bridle lane, Ripley. Kenneth and Diane Wood, Lee Colledge and Lisa Roulston.

WORRIED residents are calling for speed humps to be installed on a narrow Ripley road after cars have claimed the lives of three pet cats in as many months.

Bridle Lane does not have any footpaths and is regularly used by youngsters making their way to a nearby park.

Now 50 of its residents have signed a petition calling for humps there in a bid to slow drivers down on the 30mph street.

Resident Lee Colledge, 38, said: “Over the last three months the one house lost two cats through people coming down the lane at ridiculous speeds. A couple of weeks ago another house lost a cat. I am just trying to reduce the speed on entering this lane. About 90 per cent of the residents there have signed this and that was just in three days.”

Mr Colledge is asking Derbyshire County Council Highways Department to put two or three ‘bolted-in’ metallic speed humps in place. He believes concrete speed humps are not as effective. Mr Colledge claims vehicles regularly come down the dead-end lane, which leads to a footpath too fast.

He believes this is because there are no speed limit signs there and drivers misjudge how narrow it is. He has two children aged three and four and fears for their safety. “You can slow a car down ,” he said, “but you can’t slow a kid down, they don’t see types of danger, ” he said.

Fellow resident Lisa Roulston, 38, says impatient drivers hurry down the lane because it is only possible to perform a U-turn at the far end. She said: “I can sit in the house sometimes and I watch some vehicles going past and I think – if I were to step out of the front gate now, I would be dead.”

Last week Mr Colledge presented county councillor David Bowley with the petition.

Cllr Bowley has said the authority will conduct a traffic assessment on the lane and he will report to Ripley Town Council in January.

A county council spokesperson said: “Once the petition is received our highways officers will look closely at the issue for Bridle Lane.

“A report will be prepared with the officers recommendations for consideration by our cabinet member for highways and transport. This is likely to take a few months to complete.

“We only recommend speed humps be built on a road where there are regular accidents caused by high speeds that result in injuries to either motorists or pedestrians. Our records show that there have not been any accidents causing injuries in the last 20 years.”