Show your love for town


I was one of those people who braved the cold and wet weather to attend the Love Heanor “celebration” and everyone who went deserves a round of applause for taking there time out to join us all. A special thanks must also go out to Mr Minto who so entertainingly kept us motivated and warm with his antics.

Indeed Heanor needs all the love it can get and it is fantastic that the mysterious Love Heanor is bringing back our town’s sprit the only thing I want to know is, where were our elected town/borough/county councillors?

Did they not think it was important to show there support for something that was so positive for our town, or did they not want to get wet ?

I wish to remind them that was the people who voted you in to power when you wanted their help and it’s now time you helped them out.

I urge every one in Heanor to get behind Love Heanor. It is not affiliated with any political party or group, it is just the people of Heanor showing there love for their town. I cannot wait until the next event.

I am sure it will be even bigger and better then last time. All my love....

Alan Webb

The Meadows