Should the axe fall on six-week break?

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A teaching union is considering plans to scrap the long school summer break in favour of a series of shorter holidays spread over a 12-month period.

Russell Hobby, leader of the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT), questioned whether the current 13-week term structure was healthy for staff, arguing changing it could reduce stress and cut holiday prices for families.

On Facebook, Shaun Jones said: “Make it even harder for families to have a holiday together. Yeah, great idea.”

Charlotte Mason said: “I loved the six-weeks holidays and don’t think they should change it.”

Michelle Ann Gregory said: “I think they should get four weeks in the summer and then add a week on to spring and a week on to Christmas. They would still get the same amount of time off but it would be better spread out.”

Christopher Thoel said: “Is it fair to expect the kids to learn in classrooms with very little if any ventilation in the height of summer? I thought they had six weeks off at the hottest time of the year for a reason.”

Paul Walker said: “I think all schools should set their own holidays, thus ending the rip-off holiday firms exploiting hard-pressed families.”

Katie Lee said: “I think school holidays should stay the same.

“The amount of work pupils have to do while they’re at school and at home is unreal. They need a break.”

Tracy Briggs said: “Don’t change them. The kids have nothing to do in the winter. They look forward to the summer holidays and so do I.”

Mel Bacon said: “Nobody will ever find a solution to satisfy everyone.”

The NAHT is to consider the proposals in greater detail. Education secretary Michael Gove has previously called for longer school days and terms – warning that the current system is out of date.

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