Shop owner brings a touch of magic to town centre

Spiritualist Dorni Bancroft believes that everyone deserves to have a touch of magic in their lives '“ and she brought just that to the streets of Heanor.

Tuesday, 5th April 2016, 8:18 am
Updated Tuesday, 5th April 2016, 8:21 am
NRHNBE111025a1, All Hallows eve celebrations at Magic and moonbeams, High street Heanor. Dorn Bancroft.
NRHNBE111025a1, All Hallows eve celebrations at Magic and moonbeams, High street Heanor. Dorn Bancroft.

Dorni, 53, is the owner of Magic and Moonbeams, a cosy haven on the High Street for all things spiritual.

The one-stop shop sells all manner of therapeutic items that Dorn says can help cure a wide range of ailments.

It is also a hub for ‘complimentary therapies’ such as stress-busting massages and relaxing aromatherapies.

“Everybody has got a spiritual connection but it sometimes takes time for them to realise that,” said Dorni.

“We sometimes forget because we get too bogged down with life and having to wade through the things that are thrown at it. It is easy to become distracted or get wrapped up in other things.”

Dorni said she has always been a spiritual person, but she originally trained as a clothes designer after studying Fashion and Design at the University of Derby.

She then went on to co-own a bespoke fashion shop in Derby, before moving into health.

From 2001, Dorni was a community development worker with the NHS.

It was during her time with the health service that she was trained in how to preform a number of complimentary therapies.

And this is what inspired her to set up her own shop offering those therapies, and much more at Magic and Moonbeams.

“I had learned the things I had always wanted to do for many, many years. I am still eternally grateful to the experience I had working for regeneration in the NHS, because it has played such a big part in what I do now.”

But the former NHS worker says the services she offers at her High Street shop are not complete alternatives to sound medical advice.

She said: “If a medical professional recommends that people need medical assistance, they should listen to that. I don’t prescribe people anything, I just encourage people to take whichever course they are comfortable with.”

But Dorni is keen to insist her shop is more than just a place for an alternative treatment for her customers’ ailments.

She regularly opens the premises in the evenings for a range of weird and wonderful events.

“We are actually hosting a relaxing and traditional Thai foot massage on Saturday, April 9. It will be open to everyone from 12pm to 5pm and I welcome everyone to attend – I’m sure they would enjoy themselves.”

Artists are welcome to exhibit their work in the shop and Dorni is also available simply for a chat and some spiritual advice.

And every customer who walks in the door is offered a glass of soul-cleansing mineral water.

She also sells candles, crystals, incense, jewellery, books, a range of eco-friendly products and much more.

Dorni said: “Everyone and everything is different and we’re all still learning. I want people to come in here and share information with me.

“I also think the shop is a great way to bring a touch of variety to Heanor.

“Many of the shops are similar, newsagents, post office, bookies, but Magic and Moonbeams offers something completely different and unique.

“I have tried hard to make the shop as relaxed as possible. It has a great atmosphere and I hope people feel comfortable.

“I embrace all cultures and religions and hope the shop promotes love and acceptance.”

The shop is open two days a week, Friday and Saturday. For more visit: or call Dorni on 07960047362.