SHIPLEY: Oil spill at park

A clean up operation is in effect after an oil slick at Shipley Country Park was reported to the Environment Agency.

The agency has been on site at Osbourne’s pond situated at the Marlpool side of the county council ran beauty spot, since 9am this morning, clearing what appears to be a large fuel spill.

The cause is as yet unknown although Environment Agency officer Paul Reeves tweeted today: “Suspect that yesterday’s heavy rain has washed some accumulated oil out of surface water drains.”

A spokesperson for the agency said: “It’s quite a large spread of area that is covered by the oil - at present it’s difficult to say how much is in there.

“At the moment we are trying to determine the source of the oil.”

Absorbent pads are currently being used to mop up the spill, which is said to be ‘contained’.

RSPCA officers are on site as six swans and a up to 100 ducks are said to be affected, although the amount of oil is unlikely to be life threatening to the animals - it could affect them when they try to fly.

A spokesperson for Derbyshire County Council said that the clear-up is likely to take a number of days

More updates to follow.