Shipley business submits '˜dangerous' dog site expansion plan

A Derbyshire business providing specialist training and boarding for protection dogs and animals which are dangerous or have behavioural issues is seeking an expansion.

Friday, 11th January 2019, 4:59 pm
Updated Friday, 11th January 2019, 5:04 pm
A Shipley business providing specialist training and boarding for protection dogs and animals which are dangerous or have behavioural issues is seeking an expansion.

An application, put forward by a Ben Newton of the company Platinum K9, has been submitted to Amber Valley Borough Council.

A family protection dog is a dog that has been brought up with a family since it was a puppy. It has been fully trained to only react on command and will protect the family when instructed to.

If approved, later this year, the plan would see up to 10 dogs at a time housed at Toad Hall, off Long Lane, either in the kennels or inside the hall itself, depending on the client’s wishes.

The site lies between Shipley and Cotmanhay, next to the railway line.

A large field attached to the house would be used to exercise and train the dogs – this has currently been registered with the borough council as reserved agricultural use.

The applicant states that this land has been used as a garden extension by the residents at Toad Hall for the past 20 years.

This expansion would enable the business to use all of the six acres of land attached to the site at Toad Hall.

The kennels would be installed to the rear of the property and will be supplied by a specialist company.

The business also offers one-to-one training at people’s houses.

Residential training courses would be offered for dogs whose owners do not have the ability to train the dog, or when the dog’s behaviour dictates this necessary.

Dogs would be trained up to 30 times a day – totalling a minimum of four hours – by two trainers with over 18,000 documented training hours.

The majority of the dogs will go home with one of the trainers – two of which are currently employed – after working hours have finished.

Clients would only be arriving at the site by appointment.

A statement from the applicant reads: “Platinum K9 offer reliable and professional dog training services tailored to the dog’s needs and challenges.

“Training is facilitated through a variety of different platforms specific to the dogs’ needs and the owners requirements.”

On its website, Platinum K9 states: “Our expert trainers will assess your dog’s behaviour and offer you a range of options based on your needs and requirements.

“Using a range of modern and diverse techniques we can successfully meet any challenge in this field.

“These challenges range from reactivity/aggression and basic to competition level obedience, across all behavioural issues.

“We will provide you with regular updates on your dog’s progress via social media and telephone.

“Updates will include pictures and videos of you dog in training and at rest/play.

“We will also ensure that you have an understanding of the techniques and methods used in the training of your dog, making sure that you feel a part of the process and shows you that your dog is getting the best training in the safest of hands.”

The business’ website also states that it can assist in dangerous dog-related court cases.

It states: “If you are summoned to court due to an incident with your dog, we are qualified to assist you in keeping your dog and persuading the court that it is not a dangerous dog to the public.

“In case where a dog has caused injury, the court can step away from an immediate order putting your dog to sleep with a strict criteria, including that your dog be muzzled, neutered, tattooed and chipped.

“In order to persuade the court that this is a viable option, we can provide an independent assessment of your dog and if appropriate offer behaviour correction training.”

It also has a number of dogs which it has already trained to serve as family protection dogs and are ready for sale.

Eddie Bisknell , Local Democracy Reporting Service