Services could move elsewhere

NEAA 19-06-12 BE 10 Eastwood health clinic, Nottingham Road, Eastwood.
NEAA 19-06-12 BE 10 Eastwood health clinic, Nottingham Road, Eastwood.

Services at Eastwood Health Clinic would be moved elsewhere if the building in Nottingham Road closes down, it was confirmed this week.

Nottinghamshire Primary Care Trust said the building may have to close down because it is dated and ‘did not meet requirements’, but services would continue elsewhere in the town.

A spokesman said: “We would like to reassure patients that the current services provided at Eastwood Health Clinic will continue.

“We are committed to providing health services for all of our patients in fit for purpose facilities.

“Unfortunately, the current outdated accommodation at Eastwood Health Clinic no longer meets a number of important requirements needed for providing modern health services.

“All partners in the healthcare community are working together to look at local options for providing these services in an improved environment.

“We will work with patients, the local community and healthcare professionals over the coming months as these proposals are developed.”

The PCT would not confirm whether the services would be moved to GP practices or whether a new, more modern heath clinic would be opened.

“That decision is several months away,” said the spokesman.

“We are at a very early stage, but we can confirm that the problem is the building, not the services. We will now develop proposals.”

Eastwood Health Clinic offers services such as midwifery, sexual health and a stop smoking clinic.