School zumbas for pool

LATIN rhythms inspired a fundraising workout at Alfreton Park Community Special School.

More than 35 people took part in the two hour sponsored Zumbathon – a Latin and international music fitness work-out, on Sunday, July 3. In just two hours, more than £1,200 was added to the school’s ‘Raise the Roof Campaign’ towards a new swimming pool building.

Organiser Clare Sales, who works at Alfreton Park Community Special School as a dance teacher, and came up with the idea for a Zumbathon to help raise money for the ‘Let’s Raise the Roof’ fund for the school. She said: “It was a really fun event and a big thanks to everyone who took part and to the people that sponsored them.

“It was brilliant to be able to add so much to the Raise the Roof campaign.”

The campaign has so far raised around £10,000, with a target of £200,000 for the new structure..