School’s super new play gear


An amazing voucher collection by pupils, staff, families and friends of Alfreton Park Community Special School has resulted in a bumper delivery of new equipment.

A total of 15,800 Tesco vouchers and 8,935 Sainsbury’s vouchers enabled the Wingfield Road school to obtain a range of PE equipment including rugby and body balls, targets, heart-rate monitors and swimming equipment for the school’s pool. Other equipment includes camcorders and magnifiers plus a fun and games sensory bag.

Assistant head teacher Vanessa Fessey said: “The pupils are delighted with the new equipment and can’t wait to start using it. Our thanks go to everyone who collected their vouchers for the school.”

The school has been busy raising money for the Raise the Roof Campaign to build a new swimming pool at the school.

A Christmas fete at the school raised £625. Then students and staff from the school braved the cold to assemble around the Christmas tree in Alfreton to sing carols. Vanessa added: “Everyone must have been in fine voice because in just a short time they raised a total of £98!”