School’s bid for musical ‘lion’

Aldercar infants school pta sponsored walk.
Aldercar infants school pta sponsored walk.

Parents of pupils at an Aldercar school are on a fundraising drive to provide roaring good play-times for its youngsters.

The Aldercar Infant and Nursery School parents and teachers association want to gather £4,000 to provide new outdoor play equipment on the school grounds.

The object of their desires is a 15ft long musical piece of sensory play apparatus shaped like a large lion with various drums, bells scrapers and shakers all over it, which they are hoping they can buy and install in time for the September term.

Staff and parents say the specialist equipment will particularly help provide for its deaf, hard of hearing and visually impaired pupils there.

Amanda Brenham of the school parents and teachers association (PTA) helped organise a sponsored hike from Codnor Castle to Stoneyford , raising £500 - and a summer of activities from coffee mornings and tabletop sales to children’s discos and the annual summer fair are all intended to contribute to the pot.

Amanda, 37, from Gladstone Street, Heanor, said: “We’ve been trying really hard since September, but being the PTA we have had to buy some other things along the way.

“It’s ongoing because we also provide for school trips and such - but we are doing quite well to be fair!”

Amanda’s said the children of the school, including her daughter Sophie, aged five, would definitely enjoy playing on the ten foot tall musical lion.

She said: “Sophie would love anything to do with music - it’s like they are learning, not playing, so it’s really beneficial for them.”

The kitty currently stands at around £2,000, so the PTA, tasked with the lion’s share of the fundraising, still have a way to go .

School teacher Jane Evans says the school specialises in catering for hearing and sight impaired children.

Eight of the 172 pupils there are hearing impaired, but musical equipment still plays an important part in the way they are taught at school.

She said: “It really helps with the children who are hearing impaired at the school.

“They can pick up the vibrations so they can experience the music as well, especially if we are using things like drums.

“We involve all the children when we use musical instruments in class.

“But what we are trying to get is outdoor equipment that can be used at dinner and break times as well.

“It means they will be involved with the other children - really it is for all our pupils to experience.”

Mrs Evans said if the school cannot raise enough for the ‘lion’ outdoor equipment it will consider buying several smaller musical items for the playground.

The Godkin Drive school’s summer fair will be on Friday, June 21, at 12.30pm.

If you want to donate to the PTA’s cause, call the school on 01773 713428.