School lesson is choc full of fun


Students at a Ripley school were paid a special visit by chocolate makers.

Thornton’s visited the Flamingo class at Street Lane Primary School to give a hands-on demonstration on how chocolate is made.

The visit was part of the class’s All Things Great and Small topic, in which pupils are learning about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Class teacher Amy Hardwick said the children thoroughly enjoyed the day, lead by Wendy Staples.

She said: “Wendy started by explaining how chocolate was made in the factory.

“The children were amazed with how many people work for Thornton’s and how many chocolates are made.

“They dressed up in different work uniforms and also smelled cacao pods.”

Students then had the chance to taste different chocolates before taking part in an icing competition.

Ms Hardwick added: “At the end of the day, all the children received an enormous goody bag full of treats and went home happy.”