Say where you want development in Ripley

Ripley residents are being invited to a drop-in day to discuss what should be included in the town’s Neighbourhood Plan.

The event is being held at the Co-operative Store on Derby Road, Ripley between 10am and 3.30pm on Saturday, March 23.

Ripley Town Council is working to draw up a Neighbourhood Plan with national group Action For Market Towns.

The aim of the drop-in day is to ensure the plan, a blueprint of what can be built and where in the coming years, reflects the views of Ripley folk who will be asked to put forward their thoughts about where development should and should not take place, and what any developments should look like.

Leader of Ripley Town Council Steve Freeborn, said: “We want to ensure that our Neighbourhood Plan not only identifies the best way forward for the future development of Ripley, but that it represents the views of the whole community of Ripley. We look forward to welcoming people on the 23rd and taking on board their comments”.

The drop-in day is the first in a series of consultation events, activities and exercises which will explore a range of options including citizens panels, world cafe’s, school projects, meetings with groups around the town and more.

When the Neighbourhood Plan is finalised, it is checked independently to ensure it is legal and conforms to the strategic aims contained within Amber Valley’s Local Plan.

Then it will be subject to a local referendum.

Action for Market Towns is a national membership group that provides small towns, local authorities and others with, Information and advice,