SATS praise for pupils

Fritchley kids achieve best-ever SATs results
Fritchley kids achieve best-ever SATs results

A PROUD head teacher heaped praise on pupils at Fritchley Primary School for achieving its best-ever results in SATs.

Phil Bateman heaped praise on the year six youngsters at the Church Street school.

More than half of them achieved level five in the tests, which take place in years two, six and nine. Level five is considered to be an average for a typical 13-year-old. Mr Bateman said: “I am so pleased for the children. All of them have something to celebrate as they all achieved better than expected. We wish them all the best when they move up to secondary - they deserve it!

The pupils were Harvey Bray, Emily Jones, Declan Barry, Liam Murden, Hannah Lomax, Jack Batty, Matthew Mason, Dominic Attenborough, Sam Neville, Harry Gorbould, Harry Jones, Alice Slaney, Claudia Tomkins and Melissa Girling.