Sassy Derbyshire boyband '˜up there' with Westlife and the Backstreet Boys- watch their new music video

Jog on Westlife, there's a new boyband in town- and these Derbyshire heartthrobs are about to take the music world by storm with their 90s-inspired festive ballad, '˜Christmas Love'.

Friday, 7th December 2018, 4:10 pm
Updated Friday, 7th December 2018, 4:15 pm
Boybanned are here!

You might already recognise these two. Boybanned, so called because they ‘should not be allowed’ (their words not ours), came roaring onto the scene in 2017 when they graced X-factor audiences with a cover of ‘Everybody’ by The Backstreet Boys.

Sadly, judges didn’t think their rousing performance had the X-factor.

But that didn’t deter headstrong Benji Heenan and Scott Fuller, both 29, who still believe they’re ‘up there with the 90s greats’ and released their debut single this month.

Christmas Love, the video for which has more than 40,000 views, is a cheeky tune about navigating the digital dating minefield during the festive period.

The boys are hoping ‘ladies will go crazy’ for the song’s amorous lyrics, such as ‘her great big baubles caught my eye’.

The song is inspired by the duo’s dating disasters over the years.

They said: “Boybanned was born two years ago and has gone from strength to strength with our shows getting bigger and bigger every show we do.

“We appeared on The X-factor 2017 which went far from to plan, but was a great experience to say the least.

“We both grew up together. A fond memory of us would be trading Pokemon cardsand making up dance moves to smash hits in the late 1990s. It had always been a dream to make this a reality and bring back these memories for our audiences.

“Every 90s boyband bought a different element of excitement whether it was Westlife and stepping off those stools on their key changes, or 5ive bringing rapping into pop music.

“One of our favourites would have to bethe Backstreet Boys, though. We loved their shows, their dance moves and all their costume changes.”

Keep up to date with Boybanned on their Facebook page: Boybanned in their ‘90s and beyond’ tour:

The Magpie, Stapleford in Nottingham December 28th 2018 from 8.30pm

January 5th @ The Crown hotel Tibshelf from 8.30pm

January 20th @ Victors bar in Ripley at 4pm

The band are also taking bookings for 2019.