Saddle up in old picture


I thought I would write to give you a reply to your question about the photo in December 15, 2011, Memory Lane called ‘Saddle Up’.

The two boys on horse back are:

1. The boy in the black cap is Harry Williamson, at the front of the photo. The horse he is sitting on is Gilbert and the name under the saddle is Harry Wragg.

2. The other boy in the white cap (behind Harry) is my dad, Michael Hutsby. The horse he is sitting on is Duchess and the name under his saddle is Gordon Richards

Harry Wragg and Gordon Richards were the top horse jockeys at the time.

The two boys one second and third prize of 5 bob each, the first prize went to the some one dressed at a highway man,

The two boys were about 12 years of age and the year would be approximately 1946. The event was the first Heanor Carnival after the war.

And the gentleman at the left hand side of the picture, that’s my grandad Joseph Hutsby, (Michael’s father).

All this has come from my dad, who remembers it well.

Yvonne Hutsby-Bird

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