Ryan’s bid to raise cash for blood charity

A Swanwick man is pedalling his way through a mammoth cycling fundraiser to help beat a blood-clotting condition that affects his wife.

Ryan Bowden will be undertaking three bike rides this year, covering a combined distance of 330 miles, to raise cash for The Hughes Syndrome Foundation.

Hughes Syndrome is a blood clotting disorder which can potentially cause strokes, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), heart attacks and blood clots in the lung. In pregnancy, it is a leading cause of miscarriage and pre-eclampsia.

Wife Kate, 33, said: “I was diagnosed in 1999 when I had a DVT. It was very sudden. I walked off a curb one morning and the doctors thought I had a torn a ligament and put me on anti-inflammatory tablets.

“My leg ballooned and went to two or three times the normal size.

“The hospital knew instantly what I had got but it took a while to find out the cause. It is considered to be one of the leading causes of multiple miscarriages.

“It’s still a relatively-unheard of condition and treatment is very patchy.”

Kate had seven miscarriages before giving birth to the couple’s two daughters.

Evie, now aged four, was born weighing just three pounds and 14 ounces and Erin, now almost 11 months, arrived weighing four pounds and two ounces.

Ryan,also 33, cycles the 15 miles from his home in South Street to work at Pride Park, Derby each day and recently joined Belper Bicycle Club.

Kate said: “Since Christmas he has been cranking up the miles in training. He has always wanted to do something like this!

“I’m so proud of what Ryan’s doing and it’s obviously a charity that is close to our hearts after what has happened.

“This is his way of thanking the Hughes Syndrome Foundation and the way they helped us get through it.

The couple hope to raise £1,000 for the charity.

To donate to the charity please visit justgiving.com/ryan-bowden.