Royal welcome for cadets

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Two St John Ambulance Cadets from the Ripley and Coppice Heanor unit were welcomed to Buckingham Palace for the charity’s annual young achievers reception.

Amelia Ainsworth and Daisy Howson, both 16, joined young people from around the country who were invited to the reception which acknowledged their hard work and commitment to the charity.

The event honoured St John Ambulance Badgers, Cadets, and young carers who have all made outstanding contributions during their time as young volunteers with the organisation.

Each young person was given the honour of meeting HRH The Princess Royal – who has the official title of Commandant in Chief, Youth for St John Ambulance – and had the opportunity to discuss their experiences as a volunteer during the reception.

Daisy from Codnor said: “It’s overwhelming being nominated as a Young Achiever. It’s my passion to teach others first aid because helping people in need is something to be proud of.

“I was on the bus to school one morning when there was an accident involving a bike. I treated my casualty for shock and assisted the paramedics.”

Amelia from Oakwood, added: “Being a Young Achiever gives me an immense sense of pride and I am very excited to be recognised and rewarded for something which I love to do and get so much out of already.

“I’ve been at St John Ambulance for some time and have been able to learn valuable skills so am now able and confident to help in situations requiring first aid.

“Because of this I have been able to spot signs of a cardiac problem and rang for an ambulance and observed the person until help arrived. I also aided an injury to an arm which turned out to be a fracture by supporting the arm and ensuring the person was comfortable until further help arrived.

“St John Ambulance meetings are the highlight of the week for me as we not only learn valuable skills but also have the opportunity to create new friendships. I enjoy going out on public duties and hope to work in the medical profession.”

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