Round-the-clock lorry plans rejected again

a BID to allow round-the-clock lorry deliveries at Tesco in Alfreton has been refused for the second time.

The supermarket giant applied to Amber Valley Borough Council to remove curfews and allow the loading and unloading of delivery vehicles on Hall Street 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in May.

But the application was refused by officers at Amber Valley Borough Council and people living around Cressy Road have now organised two sets of objections and say they will fight future plans.

Steve Marshall-Clarke, 60, of Cressy Road, said: “I think it’s a wise decision - the people of Alfreton have made their views quite clear.

“There was a significant number of objections. I would like to think that Tesco would draw a line under it and not consider applying again - but they won’t talk to people or take advice from residents.

“They have a new store manager and he might have completely different views. If they want to go through the process we will go through it too.”

Alfreton Town Council called an emergency meeting last year after Tesco applied to lift delivery restrictions as part of an application to extend a mezzanine storage area. Tesco later withdrew the application for 24-hour deliveries. But Amber Valley Borough Council approved the store’s application for an extra 595sq m of storage space.

Current restrictions prevent lorries making deliveries before 6am and after 11pm.

The supermarket currently receives 100 vehicle deliveries a week, each lasting around 50 minutes. A spokeswoman from Tesco said: “We are confident we can manage deliveries so that they do not disturb our neighbours and demonstrated this in our application to the council. Naturally, we are disappointed that our application was refused and we will need to consider what steps we might take to improve matters.”