Roof blows loose from old Butterley Works building in Ripley

VIDEO: Roof blows loose from old Butterley Works building in Ripley

A section of roof which had blown loose at the old Butterley Works in Ripley led to the road being closed for the second time in five days as fire crews battled in high winds to make the area safe.

Butterley Works roof drama

Butterley Works roof drama

Firefighters needed a high-rise turn-table ladder as they used large ‘cable ties’ to strap the roof on the old Butterley Hill building back in place.

The incident happened at 3pm on Wednesday, December 18, as the high winds began, forcing the road to be closed. The roof was still being made safe at 7pm. A police spokesman at the scene said a surveyor had been called out and was advising crews at the scene. A roofing firm had also been called, although the winds were so strong that workmen had been unable to get on the roof.

It was the second time the firefighters have been called to the building. On Saturday, December 14, they were mobilised at 12.45pm to deal with a large piece of corrugated roofing, which was spotted hanging from the building.

The road was closed then and the high-rise ladder platform was used to remove the loose sheeting. It took until 2.10pm the make the roof safe, said a fire service spokesman.

The wind damage comes just days after dangerous roofing was reported on top of Walkers Bingo Hall, on Victoria Street, in Somercotes.

The high rise ladder platform was used to remove sheeting from the second story roof. The road had to be closed by the police and was reopened at 3.50pm on Saturday, December 14.