River rescue heroes receive awards for their swift action

A SOMERCOTES hero who rescued a boy from the River Derwent in Derby, has received a Royal Humane Society award in recognition of his actions.

Last October a group of boys were playing under Exeter Bridge in Derby when one of them fell into the river.

The boy was saved through the quick actions of 18-year-old Somercotes resident Steven Purdiew and 22-year-old Breadsall resident Kevin Trelfa.

Mr Trelfa, grabbed a lifebuoy and jumped from the bridge into the water, a drop of about six metres. He was helped by fitness instructor Steven Purdiew, who was on the river bank.

The 15-year-old boy who had fallen in was going under and swallowing water by the time his two rescuers swam to him.

They put the lifebuoy over his head and dragged him to the bank.

Mr Trelfa received a Testimonial on Vellum and Mr Purdiew a Testimonial on Parchment in recognition of their actions.