Ripley students soak up culture in Paris

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Students from Ripley Academy soaked up some French culture during a whistle-stop tour of Paris.

Ten students crossed the Channel to visit the French capital where they saw the sights, tested out their language skills and experienced the atmosphere during Euro 2016.

They toured central Paris including the Arc De Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame, Montmartre, the Sacre Coeur and they also went on a river cruise along the Seine before heading off to the Palace of Versailles.

Robin Pardo-Roques, curriculum area leader for Modern Foreign Languages, led the trip.

He said: “It was a great time to be in Paris especially with the European Championships being staged there.

“We visited the large viewing area that is at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower where there are lots of large screens for people to watch the football and there were people from all over Europe there.

“They loved seeing all the sights and we also went to a French café where they ordered their drinks in French.”

Ben Allsop, 12, said he thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

He said: “The trip was très bien and it was not really what I expected. I liked eating macaroons that I bought from a shop in the Champs Elysees. They were really nice and I asked for them in French.

“We saw the big screens at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower that were showing the football and we could hear the supporters cheering the French team when we were in our hotel at night, it was really loud.

“I had never been to France before so it was a new experience and if I had the opportunity I would definitely like to go again.”

Amber Woolley, 12, said she was nervous about speaking in French at first.

She said: “Paris was very different to how I thought it would be. I was a bit nervous about speaking in French but we all had a go. The boat trip was the best bit because we could see the Eiffel Tower and the replica of the Statue of Liberty.”

Ripley is twinned with Château-Renault and some of the students who went to Paris have asked to be part of a twinning event which is set to be held.

The academy also has a link with the Collège André Bauchant in France; pupils from the two schools communicate by letter and plans are in the pipeline for a possible exchange trip.