Ripley students serve up a treat to parents

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Students at Ripley Academy prepared afternoon tea for their parents with a little help from their teachers.

The aim was to give students in years seven, eight and nine the opportunity to cook something special that they could share with their families at the academy.

They made their own bread, scones, cakes, quiche and cheese straws and prepared sandwiches before serving the food to their families.

They were supported by members of the academy’s senior leadership team, food technology technician Josie Wadsworth and learning support staff Anna Bartlam, Amanda Day and Geri Parr on the day.

Chris Endacott, assistant principal at Ripley Academy, said there were 16 students and 40 family members who enjoyed the special treat.

He said: “It was hard work. We started cooking at about 8.45am but hopefully the students learnt some new skills. I saw one of them making their own bread and then showing three of their friends how to do it which was really good to see.

“Everything looked fantastic. They set the tables and took drinks orders before sitting down to share the food they had made with their families.

“We hope they felt proud of what they had achieved and that their families enjoyed the afternoon.

“It was all about students having a positive experience in school and sharing it with their families.”

Student Tom Allcock, 11, said he enjoyed preparing the food.

He said: “My mum and my auntie came in and they were really looking forward to it. I think it’s a great idea to get everyone’s families in to meet each other.”

Tom’s mum Lisa Jones said she thought everyone had done a great job.

She said: “We were all excited about coming in and I think it’s a lovely idea to invite parents in and the food was lovely.”

Jackie Pacey was at the event with her son Jack, 11 and his auntie Susan Fletcher.

Jackie said: “I think it’s a good idea and we were very impressed with the food. We were all looking forward to coming in.”

Student Kelsie Beighton, 11, said it was nice to be able to show off their cooking skills.

She said: “I made scones, egg mayonnaise and quiche. I think the quiche was the hardest thing to make but it turned out well.

“It was hard work but hopefully everyone enjoyed the food.”

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