Ripley and Heanor News voters are set to take to the polls

Ballot box
Ballot box

Constituents will be making their votes count when they take to the polling booths for the General and Local elections on May 7.

MPs and Parliamentary candidates are bracing themselves for the forthcoming General Election on May 7 in what polls have predicted is expected to be one of the most tightly fought contests in history.

A recovering economy and concerns about the NHS, education and immigration could be the key issues on which seats and power could be secured, won or lost regionally and nationally as constituents take to the polls.

The candidates linked to the Ripley and Heanor readership area are listed below.

AMBER VALLEY: Nigel Mills (Con), Kevin Gillott (Lab), Kate Smith (Lib Dem), Stuart Bent (UKIP), and John Devine (Green). MID DERBYSHIRE: Pauline Latham (Con), Nicola Heaton (Lab), Hilary Jones (Lib Dem), Martin Fitzpatrick (UKIP), and Sue MacFarlane (Green). Amber Valley and Mid Derbyshire areas both yielded Conservative victories during the 2010 General Election. For background and results keep posted to for details.